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Smart App for fast & simple measurement of Respiratory Rate.
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iOS - 2.0.3 (2021/02/09)
Android - 2.0.3 (2021/02/13)



About Respi-Rate App

Respi-Rate is a practical application which helps healthcare professionals to determine the patient’s respiratory rate.
The respiratory rate is usually determined by estimating or measuring the number of breaths at a certain time interval, followed by conversion to a one-minute respiratory rate.
With Respi-Rate, you only need to press the “Lungs button” – each time the patient starts to inhale. The application calculates the respiratory rate using its own innovative algorithm.

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Methodology description

For example, the “Lung button” is pressed at 00:00 (mm:ss) and 00:05 – in both cases, when the patient starts to inhale. The interval between the first and the second breath is 5 seconds. The calculated RR, in this case, is 12 (60 seconds divided by the intervals, 60/5=12).
The application takes the user’s reaction time into account (the time between the start of the patient’s breath and the pressing of the button in the application), and the standard deviation of the reaction time. Therefore, after each pressing of the “Lungs button”, the application verifies whether the determination of the respiratory rate can be considered accurate. If not, then the application continues to define additional intervals so that the accuracy of the determined respiratory rate is at 95% ± 1 breath / min. with a regular breathing pattern.
For the most accurate calculation, it is important to keep pressing the button at the same stage of the breath cycle (for example when the patient begins to inhale). Do not use this application when the patient’s breathing is irregular.


The author and programmer of the application is anesthesiologist and EMS physician Jan Špičák, MD from Czech Republic. Originally, the application was developed for personal use, but for the great interest of colleagues, it was made available for both platforms.


Top-chart of the five states in which the measurement was completed in the period from 9th April to 15th August 2021:

  1. United States
  2. India
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Vietnam
  5. Philippines

Privacy policy

We are interested in how often and where the application is used after installation. Therefore, applications from version 2.0.3 include Google’s Firebase analysis tool. Our application collects 5 data types: Coarse Location, User ID (generated by Firebase SDK), Product Interaction, Crash Data and Other Diagnostic Data. You can read more about the data collected by the Firebase SDK here. Note that the collected data are anonymous only – they cannot be linked to a specific person. Geographic data does not include GPS coordinates.